[NEWS] Radar Online Claims, “Jennifer Ignores Her Immediate Family!”

    RadarOnline: " 'She's Too Busy!' Jennifer Aniston's Family Blasts Star For Ignoring Their Phone Calls"
    We're busting the latest tabloid trash recently reported by Radar Online whose recent headline claims, "Jennifer Aniston's Family Blasts Star For Ignoring Their Phone Calls". An unnamed "relative/source" even claims that it would be nice if the actress communicated a little more. The article also claims that the actress skipped out on her aunts funeral. Real or Rumor? Is Jennifer TOO busy for her immediate family? RUMOR!

    A family member claims, "She doesn't call back!"
    The article alleges that Aniston recently skipped out on her dead aunt's (they emphasize 'dead' - death comes with the territory of a funeral - poor phrasing) just 1-year after her mother, former model/actress Nancy Dow, passed away, but it turns out the star's estranged relationship with her family is apparently worst than anyone knows! Yeah, Radar Online, as far as you claim. Supposedly multiple 'family members' have 'exclusively' revealed to Radar Online that Aniston's aunt recently passed away and, Jennifer not only fails to visit her family, but she also apparently ignores their phone calls, and skipped her aunts service! According to so-called' multiple family members, the source revealed Aniston's aunt battle cancer for many years, and even moved from Greece to the United States at one point to receive treatment. On relative claims, "Originally it was esophageal cancer. We thought it was cured, but her heart became damaged." That same relative claims, "She then returned to Greece 2-years ago in December of 2015, so she could be with her sons for Christmas. She ultimately passed away due to heart complications overseas."

    Let us make known the two things Radar Online fails to mention until the end of the article - they [the alleged source/family member] are specifically in reference towards Jennifer's mother's part of the family with whom she is supposedly "ignoring calls", who all reside in Eddystone, Pennsylvania. The actress hasn't been there since she resided there herself when she was growing up, and the aunt the article fails to mention is Mary Aniston, Jennifer's father, soap opera actor John Aniston's sister, who recently passed away in early November of 2017 from cancer.

    The article continues, however, during the "many" years Jennifer's aunt received treatment somewhere in Pennsylvania, the source said the family did not hear a peep from the actress. "Services were held overseas in Greece," according to the insider who confirmed, "Jen didn't go to the service. She did not visit her," the relative claims, "no one has spoken to Jen." One supposed family member claims, "No one has spoken to Jen," who wishes to remain anonymous, revealing, "she's too busy" the family member adds. However, the insider said that doesn't stop the family from reaching out to the star. "I reach out to her whenever I can," the relative told Radar Online. "I send her wishes to her office and they [the people at her office] relay the message." The family member claims that they phone Aniston, on holidays, including her birthday, and at random times throughout the year. "I'll call and say, 'Tell her I say 'Happy birthday!' ". They relative, who only had positive things to say about Jennifer, revealed the calls are never returned. "She's doesn't call back," the family member said, "I don't mind it because I know that she's very busy...she's involved in a lot of things."

    "It was very nice," claims one of Jennifer's family members of her wedding ceremony to Brad Pitt

    family member's of Jennifer's claim to have been "blind-sided" by her marriage to Justin in 2015
    The tabloid reporter is the one claiming to wonder if Aniston's husband screenwriter/actor Justin Theroux, is to blame for Jennifer not contacting her family. Alleging multiple sources claiming that while her family back home in Eddystone, Pennsylvania were blindsided by Aniston's marriage to Theroux in 2015, the actress made sure to invite family to her and former husband film actor Brad Pitt's multi-million dollar Malibu wedding in 2000. "It was very nice," the supposed family member claimed of Pitt and Aniston's nuptials. This claim cannot be true - the only family member of Aniston's whose confirmed attendance of her first wedding to Brad, was John, Jennifer's father, and that was to walk his daughter down the aisle. Other than that there is no record of any other family members of hers in attendance. The article continues claiming that as for her marriage to Theroux, Aniston's relative admits, "I really don't know him [Justin] at all."

    Is Justin to blame for her not contacting her family?
    A supposed 'family-friend' sandwich shop owner, George Fotiades, owner of Vicki's Cold Cuts, which Aniston is claimed to have frequented as a kid, allegedly agrees with the relatives claims. Fotiades says, "Everybody got invited to the Brad Pitt wedding, but no one got invited to the Justin Theroux thing." Fotiades expressed disappointment when discussing Aniston's alleged abandonment of her family. "It's been many, many years," he said, "she's just so consumed with her success and with her wealth that she just probably thinks, 'Everybody down here is fine and dandy and nobody needs anything' ". Still, Fotiades stressed everyone in Aniston's hometown of Eddystone, Pennsylvania is proud of her accomplishments. "Everyone's really happy for her," he said, "on the other hand, it would be nice if she communicated a little more."